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Stories of Blossom

Join Clara as she brings to life a series of short tales told by her nurturing grandfather.


Explore storybook illustrations, befriend cute creatures in odd situations, and help solve their problems along the way.

A watercolour portrait of Annie the adventurer smelling a red flower in her hand. She has brown hair tied back into a ponytail, with a green bobble, a light blue shirt, and a yellow backpack.

A Disability Friendly Game Experience

Designed and tested to help minimise barriers for those with disabilities.

A Series of Colourful Worlds

Brought to life by the imagination of a young girl.

A Wholesome Narrative

Featuring lessons that help us take control of our own stories.

Funded by: 

In a bold black font, Future Screens NI. In light blue text, connecting creativity.
In a bold black font, Northern Ireland screen. To its left are two screen shaped rectangles with a red to orange gradient.
In a bold purple font, UK Games Fund. Left to this are a dozen squares of various proportions and in green, pink, and purples colours.

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