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Visual Features

In a black square are black mountains and a black sun.
Display settings. Windowed mode, highlight colour, text size, highlights icon, brightness.

Windowed Mode (PC only)


Toggle full screen or windowed. Full screen by default.

Highlight Colour

All interactable objects in the game are outlined when entered. These outlines are filled by a highlight colour. It is yellow by default.

Text Size

Set the global size of all text. Large by default.

Highlight Icon

Toggle an interactable highlight icon on the screen off or on. Selecting this icon will toggle the highlights of all the interactables in the scene. It is off by default.



Adjust the full brightness of the screen. Max value by default.

Highlight colour options. Hue and Saturation.

Use the following options to set the colour of highlights:​


  1. Red

  2. Orange

  3. Yellow

  4. Chartreuse green

  5. Green

  6. Spring green

  7. Cyan

  8. Azure

  9. Blue

  10. Violet

  11. Magenta

  12. Rose


  1. Low

  2. Medium

  3. High

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