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A black squared speech bubble, with a series of lines.
Subtitle settings. Subtitles toggle, advancing dialogue, audio captions, interaction labels, and input prompts.

All subtitles have been separated into digestible chucks, following industry guidelines.

Subtitles Toggle

Dialogue subtitles can be turned off or on. They are on by default.

Dialogue Progression


Manual: Press select to progress dialogue at your own pace.

Auto: After a line of dialogue has finished it will automatically progress to the next one.

Auto by default.

Audio Captions


Toggle a text description of any audio events triggered in-game off or on. ​They are off by default.

Selection Labels


Toggle a short label of what the current highlighted interaction is off or on.​ They are on by default.

Button Prompts


Toggle the select button icon in the selection label off or on. It is on by default.

Subtitle appearance settings. Text size, outline, highlight hints, speaker names, speaker intonation, and subtitle colours. There is a preview of all the subtitle settings applied in the subtitle: ANNIE (WHISPERS): It's the missing jar of sweeties!



The size of the text can be increased or decreased. The are large by default.


Toggle a text outline off or on. They are on by default.

Hint Highlights


Toggle the highlighting of any hints that may be in lines of dialogue off or on. They are off by default.

Speaker Names


Toggle the speaker's name off or on. They are on by default.

Speaker Intonation


Toggle how the speaker is delivering the line of dialogue, for example (Whispers) or (Excited), off or on. They are off by default.

Text Colour


Set the colour of the body of the subtitle's text. It is yellow by default.

Speaker Colour


Set the colour of the speaker's name and intonation's text. It is blue by default.

Background Colour


Set the colour of the box behind the subtitle. It is white and has full opacity by default.

Colours settings. Opacity, fill, hue, and saturation.

Opacity (Subtitle background only)

Set how visible the subtitle box is behind the text from 0 to 100.



  1. Black

  2. White

  3. Colour


  1. Red

  2. Orange

  3. Yellow

  4. Chartreuse green

  5. Green

  6. Spring green

  7. Cyan

  8. Azure

  9. Blue

  10. Violet

  11. Magenta

  12. Rose


  1. Low

  2. Medium

  3. High

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