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A black squared speech bubble, with a series of lines.

Subtitles And Captions

  • Subtitles Toggle: Off or on

  • Dialogue Progression: Manually select when you want to progress or automatically progress when a line of dialogue has finished

  • Audio Captions: Toggle a text description of any audio events triggered in-game off or on

  • Selection Labels: Toggle a short label of what the current highlighted interaction is off or on

  • Button Prompts: Toggle the select button icon in the selection label off or on


  • Size: The size of the text from 30 to 60

  • Outline: Toggle a text outline off or on

  • Hint Highlights: Toggle the highlighting of hints in lines of dialogue off or on

  • Speaker Names: Toggle the speaker's name off or on

  • Speaker Intonation: Toggle how the speaker is delivering the line of dialogue, for example (Whispers) or (Excited), off or on.

  • Text Colour: Set the colour of the body of the subtitle's text. 

  • Speaker Colour: Set the colour of the speaker's name and intonation's text

  • Background Colour: Set the colour of the box behind the subtitle.


  • Opacity: Set how visible the subtitle box is behind the text from 0 to 100. (Only available for the subtitle's background colour)

  • Fill: Black, White, or Colour

  • Hue: Red, orange, yellow, chartreuse green, green, spring green, cyan, azure, blue, violet, magenta, rose

  • Saturation: Low, medium, high

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