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Input Features

A black arrow pressing a key.
Navigation setting with the options point and focus.

We provide two different ways you can navigate menus and the gameplay scenes:

1. Point: Use a pointer to highlight interactions​​​

2. Focus:​ Use directional inputs to highlight interactions​​​

Stories of Blossom has been designed to use minimal input.

Using the navigation mode 'Point' you can navigate and interact with the entire game with only the use of the pointer and select input actions.

Using the navigation mode 'Focus' you can navigate and interact with the entire game with only the use of a single directional key and select input actions.

When changing the current navigation mode, you will be prompted to move the pointer for 'Point' and a directional key for 'Focus'.

A page listing all of the controls and their asigned inputs. Pointer, Up, Down, Left, Right, Select, Deselect, Highlight, Sidebar, Pause, Backpack, Diary.


Function: Moves the cursor around the screen​​

Primary: Mouse position and left stick


Function: Moves up from the highlighted interactable​

Primary: Up arrow and right stick up

Secondary: W key and Dpad up


Function: Moves down from the highlighted interactable

Primary: Down arrow and right stick down

Secondary: S key and dpad down


Function: Moves left from the highlighted interactable

Primary: Left arrow and right stick left

Secondary: A key and dpad left


Function: Moves right from the highlighted interactable

Primary: Right arrow and right stick right

Secondary: D key and dpad right



  • Interact with the highlighted interaction

  • Skip or progress to the next line of dialogue

  • Double select to increase the speed of the character

  • Double select an exit to instantly fade to the next scene


Primary: Left mouse button and A button​​

Secondary: E key



  • Go back to previous page

  • Stop the character walking

  • If holding an item return it to the backpack


Primary: Right mouse button and B button

Secondary: Backspace key


Function: Toggle highlights

Primary: H key and X button

​Secondary: Space key

Side Menu

Function: Toggle side menu

Primary: M key and left bumper

Pause Menu

Function: Toggle pause menu

Primary: Esc key and Start button


Function: Toggle backpack

Primary: B key and Y button

Secondary: I key


Function: Toggle diary

Primary: N key and Select button​

All controls can be changed to your preferred input.

Select the control you want to change and then 'Primary Input' or 'Secondary Input'.


Once prompted press or move the input you would like to use.

If no input is detected in 20 seconds, the remapping window will exit.

If the new input pressed or moved is already in use, the inputs will be swapped.

Stories of Blossom can be played with the following device configurations:

  • Mouse and keyboard

  • Mouse only

  • Keyboard only

  • Game controller only

The game automatically switches to the device being used.

Input adjustments. Input delay, pointer sensitivity, invert x axis, invert y axis, stick dead zone.

Interaction: How the input will be performed:

  1. Press (default)

  2. Tap

  3. Hold

The tap and hold durations can be adjusted in-game.

With a combination of these interaction types and remapping the entire game can be played with a single button.

Input Delay: The delay before a new input is registered for this action.

Controller Only

Pointer Sensitivity: The sensitivity of the assigned stick.

Invert Y Axis: Invert up and down input.

Invert X Axis: Invert left and right input.

Stick Dead Zone: How far the stick has to be pushed before the input action is performed.

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