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Audio Features

A black audio speaker producing sound.
Volume options for master, ambience, voice over, music, general sound effects, UI sound effects, text to speech, and audio descriptions.

You can adjust the volume of any of the above audio channels from 0 to 100.

Each audio channel starts with the default value of 100, except for the master and UI sound effects channels, which start at 90.

A preview clip of audio will play when adjusting values of each audio channel.

Text to speech options. Toggle, voice type, speed, pitch, and input instructions.

A voiced description of all text visually on screen.

These descriptions cover the following:

  • Interaction labels and any associated information

  • Text prompts

  • Input prompts

  • Diary pages

  • Credits

  • Controller disconnect and reconnect notifications

  • Save notifications

  • Achievement notifications

Text to speech can be toggled on or off. By default, it is on.

There is choice of three different voices:


  1. James (adult male)

  2. Beth (adult female)

  3. Molly (child female).


The default voice is James.

The speed and pitch of the voice can be decreased or increased.

Input instructions can be toggled on or off if you no longer need a reminder of the inputs required to interact with the game. By default, it is on.

Audio description toggle option.

A voiced description of what is happening visually on screen.

These descriptions cover the following:

  • Splash screen logos

  • Character descriptions

  • Environmental scenery

  • Event sequences

Off by default.

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