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A black audio speaker producing sound.


​Adjust the volume of any of the following audio channels from 0 to 100:

  • Master: The overall volume of the game

  • Ambience: The volume of the game's ambience

  • Voice Over: The volume of the game's voice over

  • Music: The volume of the game's music

  • General Sound Effects: The volume of the game's sound effects

  • UI Sound Effects: The volume of the game's UI sound effects

  • Text To Speech: The volume of the game's text to speech

  • Audio Descriptions: The volume of the game's audio descriptions


Text To Speech


Read back any text that is not already voiced, and give context for any on screen prompts using a synthesised voice:

  • Toggle: Off or on

  • Voice: A selection of three different voice types to read the text

  • Speed: Adjust the speed of the delivery from 50 to 300

  • Pitch: Adjust the pitch of the delivery from 50 to 200​

  • Input instructions: Text to speech reads back input instructions

Audio Descriptions ​


A voiced description of what is happening visually on screen. These are triggered between lines of dialogue and on the entering of a new scene:

  • Toggle: Off or On

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