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Assistance Features

In a black square are two hands supporting eachother.

When you run the game for the first time you will be presented with an onboarding screen.

Press any button

The first prompt will be 'Press any button'.

Once an input is detected the game will set the default navigation mode for you behind the scenes.

If the input was from a mouse or a stick, the navigation mode will be set to 'Point'.

If the input was from a keyboard the navigation mode will be set to 'Focus'.

If the input was a controller button the navigation mode will be set to 'Focus'.

Interaction Tutorial

Secondly there is a short tutorial that shows you how to navigate the game's interface.

If navigation mode is 'Point', you will receive two prompts:


  1. Point at the box on screen using the cursor.

  2. Press select while over the box to continue.

If navigation mode is 'Focus', you will receive three prompts:


  1. Move to the box below by pressing the down input.

  2. Move to the box above by pressing the up input.

  3. Press select to continue.

For players only using one directional input, press the down input again to loop back to the box above.

Initial Settings

Lastly, you will be presented with a series of options, giving you the chance to tailor your experience.


These can be changed at any time by opening the settings menu.

In-game tutorial scene. The player is prompted with the message "Select the path to walk" beside a footstep cursor icon.

After the first cutscene, the game starts with a tutorial that introduces you to everything you need to know to play the game.


For a quick reminder, the diary also has a rundown of all the steps required to play the game.

The in-game diary showing an example of a goal and its hint. Gain Access. Goal: Gain access to the Crumble's festival. Hint: To gain access to the festival you will need a ticket. The cursor is over the Unlock Hint button.


The diary keeps track of all of your current goals.


Each goal is broken down into a short description to help guide you in the right direction.


Each goal has a series of hints that can be requested to help progression.


If you are still struggling you can then request the solution.

An example of a recap shown in the game's diary. Clara and Grampa. While playing chess, Clara became worried that no one would like her when she returned to school. The cursor hovers over the button labelled next.

Narrative Recaps 

As you progress through the story the diary keeps track of the story so far.


This can be used to recap your memory of what has happened.

Save And Load

The game saves automatically and can also be saved manually.


To reload a saved game, select one of the presented choices and select load.

Menu Access

The pause menu can be accessed during all cutscenes and events and during gameplay.

Cutscene Skipping

If required, the main cutscenes at the beginning and end of each story can be skipped.

To do so, open up the pause menu during the cutscene and select "Skip Event".

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