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Stories of Blossom - Dev Log 01: Introduction

Hi everyone!

Thank you for checking our first development log for our game, Stories of Blossom. The idea is to use these logs as a way to share more info with those that are interested about the project.

Some of you may have seen on Twitter that we have been awarded a research and development grant by Future Screens NI.

Future Screens NI Logo. Click to view Future Screens NI's website.

For our R&D project we decided to go with something we as a studio have always wanted to explore, game accessibility.

Video game accessibility is still treated as an afterthought in most games, and for some it is not even considered. Accessibility features are often added towards the very end of the production cycle with not much consideration to how the game could be altered to remove the barriers in the first place.

Our Key Objectives:

  1. Make an accessible game experience with as few barriers as possible.

  2. Raise awareness about game accessibility

  3. Present possible game design solutions to the industry

We start production of Stories of Blossom in March, and we can’t wait to show off more!

Until then, take care.

Conor Bradley

Founder of Soft Leaf Studios