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Stories of Blossom - Dev Log 03: Introduction to the Narrative

Hi everyone!

For those that want to learn more about the story of Stories of Blossom, this is for you!

Stories of Blossom follows the imagination of a young girl during story time with her grandfather. She is transported to new worlds, plays her part in fixing each of the world’s problems, and learns new life lessons along the way.

The scene is set in a cozy living room, with a warm fire by their side. Clara, the young girl has just beat her grandfather at chess, and he is happily surprised by her intelligence once again. Clara is in her nightdress sitting on her knees, while her grandfather is sitting in his favourite chair, not yet dressed for bed.
Clara beating her grandfather at chess

For this proof of concept we will be focusing solely on one short story told by the child’s grandfather. Clara begins the narrative worrying about her first day back at school. To calm her mind the grandfather tells her a story about Annie and The Crumbles.

There once was a king from a land far away who was sick with worry the day before his village’s festival. He worried that all the festival’s preparations would not be ready in time to the point he became physically ill. Just when he was about to lose all hope, a young adventurer strolled by and saw him in this horrible state. She agrees to help the king and solve his problem.

She arrives in the village and is presented with three problems that are preventing the festival preparations from being complete:

  1. The music ensemble is missing their star singer.

  2. The decorator has lost her jar of sweeties for the pinata.

  3. The chef is unable to plant an unhappy vegetable bulb that she needs to complete her famous Crumble soup.

As the player you will help Annie solve these problems and save the Crumble’s festival.

This image shows three of the Crumble characters. The Crumbles are crumb-like creatures that love to celebrate every occasion. The cook is an aged crumble, with string-like arms and legs. She is wearing an apron that has various food splashes on it. The Music conductor has a big mustache, and is holding a conductor’s baton in his hand. Being a younger Crumble, the Decorator's son is lighter in colour. He has a happy open mouth, and is weaning a small propeller hat. Lastly is Mr. Bulb, he is similar to an onion bulb but with long arms by his side and a confused expression on his face.
Four characters that will be found in this story: The Cook, the Music Conductor, the Decorator’s Son, and Mr. Bulb

So there you have it, a wholesome narrative experience full of adorable creatures found in odd predicaments. It has been a fun story to write for, and I can not wait for everyone to experience it for themselves.

Until next time, take care.

Conor Bradley

Founder of Soft Leaf Studios

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