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An old lady driving a motorised scooter. Another old lady is standing on the back of it while waving her walking stick above her head.
Daft Disputes logo. Surrounding the text is visual effect depicting a brawl. The is a pair of false teeth flying, a pair of broken glasses, and an old hand using a cane as a weapon.
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A silly card game about lost senior citizens mischievously fighting their way back to their care home.


The majority of card games out there take themselves very seriously, Daft Disputes is not one of them.  As the player you play as senior citizens who were enjoying a day out in the park until they got lost. 


Your objective is to help Sweet Old Agnes and her friends find their way back to their care home before it’s past their bedtime.

We have just finished our prototype of the video game and are currently looking for future funds to help develop the game further. 

Now available for free on itch!

About Daft Disputes

A group of elderly characters from the game. There are five old ladies and two old men. One of the men is sitting on an armchair reading a newspaper.

Key Features

Unique Artstyle​

  • Draws from the nostalgia of cartoons made in
    the 90's 

  • Hand drawn animation that brings the
    characters to life

 A Silly Cast of Characters

  • You play as mischievous senior citizens

  • Filled with relatable characters that you can’t
    help but laugh at

A screenshot of the game's map. The player is moving along the map and is about to interact with a young nerdy character.
A screenshot of a battle encounter in the game. There is an old man in a chair battling a young nerdy character dressed like a wizard.
Our Games: Video
A group of six different young nerdy characters that the player will encounter throughout the game
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