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A wholesome point and click adventure,

made with game accessibility at the forefront of its design

Clara playing chess with her grandfather, by a warm cozy fire.

Stories of Blossom follows the imagination of a young girl during story time with her grandfather.


She is transported to new worlds as each story unfolds, and plays her part in fixing each of their problems.


Key Features

An Accessible Experience

Designed and tested to ensure there are little to no barriers for those with disabilities. 

Unique Artstyle

A hand drawn water coloured art style similar to 2D illustrations found in children's storybooks.

Wholesome Narrative

A series of short stories that help Clara learn how to live a better life. Each full with cute characters found in silly situations. 

Clara smelling a flower

Artwork and Gameplay Screenshots

The characters of Annie and the Crumbles.
A gameplay screenshot taken in the decorator's house
A gameplay screenshot taken out the decorator's house.
A gameplay screenshot taken at the picnic area.
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