Key art for Stories of Blossom. In the center is the head of our main protagonist, Clara. She has her eyes closed, and imagines all the different characters of each story. Behind her, the rest of the artwork is cut into 4 colourful sections to help represent the characters you will play in the game. 1. A pirate on a ship. The waves are seen crashing against it. 2. An astronaut floating in space. 3. An adventurer running with her arms stretched to her sides. 4. A detective with a magnifying glass in old Victorian times.
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Reawaken your inner child and explore the colourful worlds of Stories of Blossom.

Clara playing chess with her grandfather, by a warm cozy fire.

Join Clara as she brings to life a series of short tales told by her nurturing grandfather. 


Explore storybook illustrations, befriend cute creatures in odd situations, and solve problems along the way.


Key Features

An Accessible Experience

Designed and tested to ensure there are little to no barriers for those with disabilities. 

Unique Artstyle

A series of colourful worlds brought to life with storybook illustrations.

Wholesome Narrative

Features lessons that help us take control of our own stories and improve the lives of those around us.

Annie the adventurer smelling a pink flower

Artwork and Gameplay Screenshots

Screenshot of the environment inside the decorator’s house. Also in this scene is a giant piñata, the decorator, and various other festival decorations.
The Crumble's town square. It has a fountain in the middle. Also near by is the conductor waiting to start his music rehearsal.
Screenshot of an outdoor location. The decorator’s son is wearing a small propeller hat and is standing next to a big jar of sweets. There is also one giant sweet on a picnic bench nearby..
A screenshot of the player's inventory. It contains the lost voice, a jar of sweets, a picture of a house, and a watering can.
A screenshot of the diary in the game, showing the goal for the current mission. It is telling the player to locate the missing jar of sweeties, and includes a hint button.
The environment outside the decorator’s house. A sad Crumble is sitting on a stump, staring off into the nearby pond. Annie the adventurer is standing waiting for instructions from the player.
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